Steve Carmichael


Dr.Steve Carmichael is a versatile saxophonist residing in Mclean, Virginia. Feeling at home in multiple music scenarios, Steve performs at ease in the classical, jazz, and commercial musical idioms.  Serving for 20 years as a saxophone and flute instrumentalist with the US Navy Music Program, he has performed for audiences in over 40 countries, including France, Italy, China, Russia, Australia, Germany, England, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Scotland, and many others.

Steve has performed at the Monterrey Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Yokohama Jazz Festival, US Navy Band International Saxophone Symposium, and North American Saxophone Alliance regional and national conferences. He has performed with the San Diego Symphony, Chattanooga Symphony, NHK Tokyo Symphony, Chicago’s Northshore Concert Band, Nelson Riddle Orchestra, Nuova Vista (Italy), the Susan Cook Saxophone Quartet, Spectrum Saxophone Quartet, and the San Diego Wind Ensemble.


Doctor Of Musical Arts - Saxophone Performance with a minor in Jazz Studies from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. His major professors were French bassoonist and pedagogue Marc Vallon, internationally recognized award winning American Composer Laura Elise Schwendinger, Jazz Pianist and composer Johannes Wallmann, and the very gifted conductor and music educator Scott Teeple.

Master of Education - Creative Arts, from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin where he studied conducting with Dr. James Ripley, classical saxophone with Susan Cook, and composition with Dr. Mark Petering.

Bachelors of Music Saxophone Performance from the prestigious Duquesne University Mary Pappert School of Music, where he studied with world-renowned concert saxophonist James Houlik, and jazz saxophonist and composer/arranger Mike Tomaro.

In high school Steve met Sigurd Rascher and was able to have several lessons. Rascher was a profound influence that led to Steve's decision to further study saxophone. As a freshman at Memphis State University, studying Allen Rippe, he was introduced to Donald Sinta, Eugene Rousseau and James Houlik. These influences are the basis for Steve's pedagogical principles that take the very best from each saxophonist to create a balanced education. Additionally, he has studied privately with Joe Henderson, Bob Shepard, John Rekevics, Harvey Weinapple, and Wildy Zumwalt.

When Steve takes a break from the saxophone, he likes to compose new music, create contemporary art, and research his Scot-Irish ancestral roots.







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January 16, 2018 - With great joy I can announce that I have become an endorsing artist with  Marca Reeds. In 2017 i was introduced to these fantastic reeds and happily made the switch, playing them on all saxophones and clarinet. It isn't often that one can find a reed manufacture that creates artist quality reeds, for every genre of performance, while also providing students with a consistently high quality reed. One can begin saxophone lessons on these reeds and continue with the brand throughout their professional career. These reeds give me confidence as i perform and record. They provide clean articulation, ease of sound production, singing altissimo, many tonal colors, and a consistency that allows me to focus on my performance, not my gear. I encourage you to try a box today.

I use MARCA SUPERIEURE for all classical performance and MARCA AMERICAN VINTAGE and JAZZ for jazz and commercial needs. 


Ondes et Ombres by Alan Theisen

Steve Carmichael, Alto Saxophone

Susan Gaedert, Piano



Obnoxia by Nathan Froebe Steve Carmichael, Tenor Saxophone Obnoxia, for solo tenor saxophone I. Cantankerous II. Whiney III. Boisterous 2016
Celestial Machine by Steve Carmichael Steve Carmichael Tenor Saxophone December 2016
Navy Band Great Lakes Jazz Ensemble Live at Carthage College, Kenosha Wisconsin. Steve Carmichael - Tenor Saxophone and Band leader
David Amram Trio for Tenor Saxophone, Horn, and Bassoon Steve Carmichael - Tenor Saxophone Juliana Mesa - Bassoon Joanna Schultz - French Horn May 1, 2016 University of Wisconsin - Madison

Upcoming Performances

*Premier Perfomances

Fall 2017 TBD - Colshire Winds, duo and trio performances with this newly formed ensemble for Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet and more!

April 4, 2017 *Songs of… by Nathan Froebe @ University of Wisconsin Madison

          Enthralled, Enraptured, Emancipated by Nathan Froebe w/Somali Wilson

April 26, 2017 Featured Artist with the University of Wisconsin Rock County Jazz Ensemble

June 24-July 2, 2017 James Houlik Saxophone Retreat, Wildacres, Little Switzerland, NC

TBD* 2017 Wrath for Tenor Saxophone and Piano by Stacy Garrop w/Susan Gaeddert

TBD* 2017 Alcoholic Dissertations Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Chamber Ensemble by Mathew Browne


TBD* Fall 2017 Flute and Saxophone Duo (Untitled) by  Alan Theisen

TBD* Fall 2017Flute and Saxophone Duo (Untitled) by Annie MacAninch  



January 6 Lakes by Lei Liang w/ Lois Hicks-Wozniak @ Navy Int’l Saxophone Symposium

January 7 *Obnoxia for solo tenor saxophone, Nathan Froebe

*Celestial Machine by Steve Carmichael @ The US Navy International Saxophone Symposium

February 15 Dmaathen by Iannis Xenakis w/Garrett Mendenlow @ University of Wisconsin

March 4 *Enthralled, Enraptured, Emancipated by Nathan Froebe w/Somali Wilson @ NASA Region 5 Conference

March 8 Jigsaw for tenor saxophone and Band by Jack Stamp @UW Rock County Concert Band

March 10 / 11 Einstein on the Beach by @ University of Wisconsin

March 12 Jigsaw for tenor saxophone and Band by Jack Stamp @ University of Wisconsin Madison

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